Hashtag incentiva mulheres a aceitarem seus seios como eles são

#saggyboobsmatter foi criada por uma blogueira e escritora inglesa

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Aos 18 anos, a blogueira e escritora inglesa Chidera Eggerue deixou de usar sutiã. Essa foi a primeira decisão para romper com a ideia de que apenas mulheres com seios pequenos podem viver a libertação da peça. Agora, aos 23 anos, Chidera deu início a um movimento com a hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter (seios flácidos importam), para mostrar que, mesmo com seios flácidos, as mulheres podem usar decotes e se sentirem lindas.

É exatamente assim que a blogueira se sente quando veste o que tem vontade, e não o que as pessoas esperam que ela use.

Em entrevista ao The Guardian, Chidera contou que, quando deixou de usar sutiã, muitos comentaram sobre sua escolha: “As pessoas diziam: ‘Você está sacudindo demais. Eu posso ver seus mamilos. Isto é mau. Cubra-se’. E eu não conseguia entender o porquê”, comentou.

No Instagram, a hashtag uniu várias mulheres e começou um verdadeiro movimento de autoaceitação.

Veja algumas fotos:

Babes! Guess what I’ve done this year?! I’ve tried WIRE-LESS swimwear! This has always been a struggle for me, my tits don’t sit right under my chin and I’ve totally been brainwashed by society for most of my life. Thinking that perky tits are the only tits. Well that’s just NOT TRUE! #saggyboobsmatter Read more about it on my blog! www.voluptuousleah.com 👙: @simplybeusa 🕶: @eloquii . . . #makeyourownsparkle #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #skorchstyle #teamself #purebodylove #plusstyle #visiblyplussize #visiblebellyoutline #vbo #whatfatgirlsreallywear #fatgirlscan #fatfashion #swimwear2018 #plussizeswimwear #capitalregion #albanyny #upstatenewyork #xoq

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FREE THE TITS! I’ve been wearing a bra since I was about 11 years old and I’ve always thought that especially as a big girl, I had to wear a bra. After seeing other busty beauty’s such as @thefatfunnyone and @emmatamsinhill absolutely rocking the no bra look, all I’ve thought about is how much I want to free my puppies (aka spaniels ears). Yesterday I did the most epic @boohoo haul, on a mission to find items of clothing which offered some form of support so that a big boobied girl like myself could go bra-less. I was nervous trying some of the more revealing items (particularly the bralet with full visible nips) but overall I would say that my mission was a success and I now have a few pieces I will happily wear without an over the shoulder boulder holder. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bra that gives me lift, support and a tidy little cleavage, but particularly in this VERY hot summer, it’s nice to have the option 🤗

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I was gonna post some arrogant caption about how fly I am 💁🏽‍♀️✨ And although it’s true lol my journey to self love is bigger than me. So this ones for all my girls avoiding the beach because you’re insecure about your body ✨ Listen to me, get out there and LIVE! Don’t let what you see in the mirror cause you to miss out on life. Summer gone get these thighs, these stretch marks, these real breasts, and everything else! Y’all hear me? 😘 LOVE YOUR BODIES. Whether you wanna change things about it or not. Be kind to yourself + trust the process of becoming your best self! #meanttobeyasmine #transparentblackgirl #curvycurlyconscious #plussizeswimwear #plusesizeblogger #curvyblogger #becauseitsmybody #goldenconfidence #beautybeyondsize #saggyboobsmatter #forever21plus #blackgirlmagic #blackswhoblog #blackgirlswhoblog

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